Home Security Systems

Home Security Alarm Systems

There are over 5 million burglary cases reported each year in North America. While this is an alarming statistic, there are things you can do to protect your family and home from intrusion.

Since 1992, Future House Technologies have been working with homeowners to protect what is priceless – their families and their peace of mind. We strive to ensure all of our customers feel safe in their home, and are protected from would-be intruders and burglars.

Future House Technologies is an authorized dealer for Honeywell and DSC Security Systems, who are committed to the development of state-of-the-art technology in access control. In turn, we provide our customers with complete solutions, and a full line of home security products and services. You can count on us for all of your security needs, including the design, installation, servicing and monitoring of your Future House Technologies Alarm system.

When you have a monitored security system in your home, you can save in your homeowners insurance. Aside from the peace of mind you will have gained, you can save up to 20% each year on your homeowner’s insurance.

Contact Future House Technologies today. A Security Specialist can provide a free, no-obligation evaluation of the safety of your home. Based on the specific needs of your family and home, we will work one-on-one with you to implement a custom security solution.

24 Hour Monitoring Systems

The best of systems wouldn’t amount to much if it weren’t connected to the monitoring center. That’s why our systems operate its own high-tech centers in compliance with the most demanding ULC standards. Moreover, through its qualified staff and state-of-the-art technology, our systems offer you a wide range of added-value services that will increase your security or facilitate the management of your business.

Video Surveillance Systems

Installing a security camera is one of the best tactics you can implement to increase the level of security and safety in your home or business. Aside from the additional safety and security there are a few other reasons to consider installing security cameras. Some of the benefits of a security camera include theft prevention, reductions in insurance premiums and of course safety and security.

One of the most obvious benefits of installing security cameras is that it helps prevent, theft, break-ins and property damage. There is no greater threat to a potential criminal than that of being videotaped at the scene of a crime. A security camera can place an individual at an exact place at an exact time and provide solid video evidence of a criminal engaged in a crime. One of the first questions police ask when they arrive at the scene of a crime is if there is any video footage of the location the crime took place. The police know that in most cases a security camera can act as an unbiased eye witness to a crime.  A well placed security camera can prevent theft and vandalism and protect your home and family.

Medical Alert Systems

With our personal emergency response system you or your loved one can enjoy all the comforts, security and safety of home, with the knowledge that if there’s a fall or unexpected medical emergency; Future House Technologies Medic Alert System is always there.

In the event you are not near your base station or phone, our system will automatically call for help on your behalf.

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