Central Vacuum Systems

New Home

If you’re building a new home or planning a major remodel project there will never be a better time to install a Beam® Central Vacuum System.

One of the most popular features of a central vacuum system is the VacPan® automatic dustpan. Beam homeowners recommend this handy feature in the kitchen, near exterior doors, in bathrooms, family or laundry rooms, or wherever you’re planning to have hard-surface flooring.

If your builder is not currently installing Beam systems, please give us a call and we help you with your central vacuum needs.

Existing Home

95% of existing homes — regardless of age — can be retrofitted with a Beam® Central Vacuum System. The key to success is planning a pipe system with a minimum number of inlets and elbows (turns in pipe) to keep labor time and costs at a minimum while still giving you the vacuum cleaning flexibility only a central vacuum system offers.

A quick call to Future House Technologies will inexpensively allow you to add a Beam system to your home, without any major disturbances to your walls.  We can provide professional installation by trained, experienced installers — an important advantage in a system you’ll be using for perhaps the next 25 years. 


If you’re reasonably handy, installing a Beam® system can be a fun, rewarding, low-cost weekend do-it-yourself project, and Beam has the resources to assist you.

A Beam Central Vacuum System can be installed in virtually any home — new or old — with no damage or costly alterations and very little mess. And, there’s no outside venting required. You can do it yourself using our comprehensive Installation Manual — usually over a weekend depending on your home construction and layout.

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